Jayee Papa Noel

This Album is a testimony to Wafic's greatest love of Christmas and the Holiday season. It is a labor of love that began a few years ago and remained alive. It includes songs recorded a while ago but have never been released in CD format until now. These songs were re-mastered and new songs were added.
This album contains seven timeless Christmas tunes including an extended version of the Award nominated "Jayee La'Enna" song plus three original compositions, all written by the Lebanese-American singer Wafic.

"Each song has a story", Wafic says. "The song 'Jayee Bettiyyara' is an inspiration of a childhood memory in Beirut while I was watching Papa Noel landing from a helicopter. 'Daem Daem' is an Epiphany song inspired by a church bulletin. 'Yalla Yalla' was inspired by an American friend who has an affinity to the Arabic language and her first -and favorite- Arabic words were 'Yalla, Eh!' "
Similarly, each song had a story behind it which Wafic chose to commemorate on this album he is sharing with us.

Talj el Milad CD

Since the Rahbani Brothers, coupled with the angelic voice of Fayrouz, released their Christmas tape in the early sixties, few recordings have been made to fill that gap.
This album comes in a critical time to fill the void for Arabic Christmas carols. Eleven tracks altogether, with nine joyful Christmas tunes including a short version of Award nominated "Jayee La'Enna" song as a Bonus track plus two original compositions, all with Arabic lyrics, fill the air with joy and peace.

"One song that stands out in this album is titled 'Ha Ana Tha'", Wafic says. "It's a church hymn actually. The words are taken from the bible and the music came to me one late night at Christmas time. I chose to include it in the middle of the songs line-up as an anchor to the CD. 'Bawset Papa Noel' was created as a challenge. A friend dared me to come up with a Christmas song on my way home. I started humming it in the car and the song came to life. I polished it and was completely finished a week later."

9/11: No More Pita Bread In The Lunch Box Documentary

This Documentary focuses on 22 Americans from different races and ethnic backgrounds, including the Middle East. They share their surprising stories, opinions and experiences on what the future of the U.S. may hold.

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